... every hedgehog a whim

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Recite an ancient saying: every hedgehog a whim! Who knows if it's true, certainly curly hair puts everyone in agreement, likes those who have straight hair, and do not like those who have curly. So maybe the saying applies a little bit to everyone. CAPELLIRICCI.NET side, as the name suggests, but it is also open to those who think differently. Looking at the world of fashion-hair would seem to win the faction that supports straight hair, followed by the supporters of wavy hair, but we really want to belittle a curly-haired girl with soft curls or small curls framing a face diaphhanous? And then curly hair has always been synonymous with strong femininity, naive provocation and conscious seduction. And the hairdressers, what do they say? Judging by the specialist magazines it would be said that professional hairdressers care more about the shade of hair dye, its formulation and its performance rather than the competition with straight hair, and perhaps that's right. On the other hand, a fashion-hair professional is right that he expresses himself more for his skills than for his personal preferences.

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